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Organic three lentil soup of green, red and brown lentils

This lentil soup is cooked from three kinds on lentils – green, red and brown – where each gives a different texture and nutritional value.

The soup is packed in an innovative light-weight pouch, which can be strongly called the packaging of the future as it is more environmentally friendly than traditional packaging. This pouch is proven to have significantly less CO2 emissions during its product life-cycle compared to a glass jar of similar size.

Ingredients: water, organic various lentils 12% (green, red, brown), organic carrots, organic potatoes, organic spices, organic rice flour, organic bell pepper, organic rapeseed oil, sea salt.



100g nutritional facts

290 kJ (69 kcal)
2,1 g
- of which saturates
0,2 g
8,3 g
- of which sugar
1,1 g
2,2 g
3,3 g
0,67 g
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