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Organic food with no cost to nature

Our vision – AUGA as synonym for sustainable food and lifestyle
AUGA story
AUGA story

Almost 10 years of traditional farming experience gained from farming in 24 000 ha of land and keeping more than 3 000 dairy cows, has supplemented the idea of an organic agriculture, which has been evolving in the mind of Kęstutis Juščius, the owner of Baltic Champs. After the merger of two companies in 2014, a new common business vision and new goals emerged. In 2015, the group made the key decision to move to organic farming, thus started the process of certification. Next year the company changed its‘ name to AUGA group and launched a new products brand AUGA.
Today AUGA group is the largest vertically-integrated organic food company in Europe. The group of companies manages approx. 39,000 ha of organically certified arable land and develops a sustainable business model.
In 2020, AUGA group has published its five-year business strategy which aims to improve the efficiency in existing business units, design a sustainable organic food architecture, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also, the company reframed its vision to become a synonym for sustainable food and lifestyle and its mission to deliver organic food with no cost to nature.