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No cost to nature

It's our aim to reduce the environmental impact of the food production chain
Technology development

AUGA group is developing technologies that will help eliminate greenhouse gases generated by farming activities: biomethane infrastructure, specialised feed technology to reduce methane emissions from livestock, the AUGA M1 hybrid tractor, and other agricultural machinery. A first batch of hybrid tractors is being tested and will be ready for mass production. All the technologies developed by the AUGA group will be made available on farms operating according to the AUGA sustainable farming standard, as well as commercialised on the market.

Farming activities

AUGA group develops crop and livestock on cooperative farms. The farming activities apply the AUGA sustainable farming standard and technologies to ensure a lower environmental impact in the primary production of agricultural raw materials, such as the use of min-till technologies, regenerative crop rotation, green electricity, circular economy principles and the implementation of new technologies. More sustainable raw materials produced on farms are supplied to processors and food producers.organic feed for livestock. AUGA farms do more than required by organic standards, applying multi-year crop rotation, min-till technologies, and innovative agricultural machinery.

Products for consumers

The raw materials are grown on AUGA organic farms, where the AUGA sustainable farming standard is applied and new, emission-reducing technologies are introduced, and are used to produce products for final consumption. The organic more sustainable product line includes a range of dairy products, oatflakes, eggs and vegetables. The group also supplies the market with a variety of flavours of instant organic oatmeal porridge and mushrooms.

Mushroom growing

Baltic Champs, a subsidiary of the AUGA group, is one of the largest and most modern mushroom growers in the Baltic region. The company produces around 12 000 tonnes of white and brown mushrooms, portobello, eringi and shiitake mushrooms per year, and also produces mushroom compost.