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Organic oat & cherry grain bowl with chili peppers

AUGA’s Organic Grain Bowls are perfect for healthy eaters in a hurry.

Oats can be considered a superfood for their beneficial nutritional profile.

This serving (250g) contains 2.25 g of beta-glucans**, which contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. This oat and cherry grain meal is also a source of fibre and phosphorus. It’s a hearty meal with a slightly spicy but well-balanced taste.

Just heat and enjoy!

100g nutritional facts

810 kJ (193 kcal)
5.7 g
- of which saturates
0.7 g
27.9 g
- of which sugar
7.3 g
5.3 g
4.8 g
0.80 g
106.6 mg
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