Public offering of AUGA group shares commences


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Public offering of AUGA group shares commences

The Bank of Lithuania has approved the prospectus for the public offering of shares of vertically-integrated organic food producer AUGA group.

The offering will consist of up to 40 million newly-issued ordinary registered shares to trading on Nasdaq Vilnius and on Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The transaction consists of a public offering to retail investors in Lithuania, an institutional offering to appropriately qualified investors, as well as a private offering to individually identified non-institutional and non-qualified investors outside of Lithuania.

The aim of the transaction is to raise capital for business development and increase the volume of freely-tradeable shares, thus creating more attractive conditions to invest for retail and institutional investors.

The newly-raised capital will be used for further development of sustainable organic farming: investments in acquired agricultural companies, the development of poultry and dairy farms, as well as the production of biogas and its application for agricultural machinery.

“It is obvious that investors take into account not only the financial figures of the company, but also the values it follows, its impact on the environment and the way it creates value for all stakeholders. I believe that for this reason AUGA group should be attractive to investors looking for sustainable investments. The raised capital will be used for the further development of a sustainable agricultural model and related technologies”, – says Kęstutis Juščius, chairman of the board of AUGA group.

As noted in the prospectus, company also finalized a dispute with the Bank of Lithuania regarding the value of the shares of UAB eTime Invest. The provided valuation was compliant with the requirements, and the issue is now resolved.

Last week, Nasdaq Vilnius took a decision to conditionally include AUGA group’s shares in the prestigious Baltic Main List if the company issues a sufficient number of ordinary registered shares, as indicated in the listing rules of Nasdaq Vilnius.

In 2017, the companies of the group successfully completed the transition to organic farming commenced in 2015. Taking a step into organic farming, company set the goal not only to comply with organic farming requirements, but also to apply even higher standards of sustainable agriculture.

The group utilizes the min-till farming model in almost 50% of its agricultural land. The min-till approach allows AUGA group to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. By using this technique, less fuel is consumed by agricultural machinery because less energy is required to cultivate the surface of the soil.  The min-till method preserves the microflora on the soil‘s surface, reduces erosion of the soil and improves its structure. The company has already invested more than EUR 15 million into sustainable agricultural development.

“Today the demand for organic products in the world is growing much faster than the supply, and we can sense it when communicating with our partners abroad. Over the last years we have significantly expanded the area of cultivated land, and we can offer a wide range of organic products for end-consumers as well as commodities for food processors. We see huge opportunities and therefore we intend to continue to invest in the technological development of farms”, – says Linas Bulzgys, CEO of AUGA group.

In 2017, AUGA group’s audited revenues were EUR 48.8 million, representing a 23% year-on-year increase. This became EUR 14.9 million in consolidated gross profit, a 38% year-on-year increase. The group’s EBITDA for the year 2017 amounted to EUR 14.2 million, up 26% vs. prior year. The net profit of the group reached EUR 5 million in 2017, more than double the net profit of 2016.

Currently, exports account for 80% of the sales of AUGA group. AUGA products are mainly exported to countries in the European Union, as well as successfully entering the markets in Asia and the Middle East.

In 2017, the group’s companies harvested crops from 27 thousand ha of land. In 2018, after completing the acquisition of UAB KTG Agrar in the beginning of 2017 and the integration of UAB Raseinių Agra, acquired on February 26, 2018, AUGA expects to harvest crops from approximately 38 thousand ha of land.

The company chose AS LHV Pank registered in Estonia as its Global Lead Manager and Bookrunner for the transaction.

Subscription Undertakings may be submitted through any financial institutions (each a “Participating Institution”) that are members of Nasdaq Vilnius. As of the date of the Prospectus, the list of these financial institutions is as follows (in alphabetical order):
• Citadele banka/ Citadele bankas
• Cresco Väärtpaberid
• Danske Bank
• Instinet Europe Limited
• Interactive Brokers (U.K) Limited
• Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG
• LHV Pank
• Luminor Bank AB/ Luminor Bank AS
• Nordea Bank AB (publ)
• Orion Securities
• SEB banka/ SEB Bankas/ SEB Pank
• Šiaulių Bankas
• Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken
• Swedbank AB (Sweden)/ Swedbank AS (Estonia)/ Swedbank AS (Latvia)/ Swedbank, AB
A complete and up to date table can be found at the following address:

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