„Ekoagros“ has completed the certification process of SC „Agrowill Group“

„Ekoagros“ is an institution which certifies organic farming and food production. It has completed the process of certification of all farms and land (23.5 thousand hectares) owned and rented by the „Agrowill Group“. Thus, one of the most important stages for the group was completed in preparation to implement the organic farming model.
The certification process started in June this year.
Linas Bulzgys, CEO of the „Agrowill Group“ states, “The land is at the basis of implementation of a completely new model of agricultural production, hence the formalization of this process is very important, even symbolic action. Actually, our company has started to practice organic farming only this spring; a variety of new weed combating and organic fertilization technologies were tested in the fields. By this fall we have harvested vegetables and some grain crops grown according to organic production requirements. The results convinced us that we are on the right track”.
“Agrowill Group” is implementing an ambitious environment-friendly organic farming project, which aims to implement the latest scientific knowledge in improvement of production processes, and to encourage other agricultural market participants to actively contribute to Lithuanian land and water conservation. “Agrowill Group” is also preparing to produce organic products for the end consumer.
Antanas Makarevičius, CEO of “Ekoagra” states, “This is the biggest farm group in our country that certified its production simultaneously. After completion of the procedures, one of Europe’s largest organic farming companies has started operating in Lithuania.“
Once the crops are certified, the group is entitled to receive financial support for organic production areas (according to preliminary estimates it will reach nearly 4 million Euros), which, according to the EU and national procedures, will compensate the reduction in yield due to chemical fertilizers and safeguards additives use.
From now on, all this activity will take place in accordance with principles of organic production. However, the production grown in 2016 in accordance with the existing provisions is yet to be identified as a transitional.
The EU market for organic food in the last five years is growing by an average of 8% per year.
In 2014 it had a turnover of about 25 billion Euros. Consumption of such products is growing especially rapidly in Scandinavia – about 10% per year.

More info:
Linas Bulzgys, CEO of Agrowill Group, AB. Phone +370 685 16 267