Baltic Champs, a company belonging to AUGA group, won 4 awards

During the General Assembly, Šiauliai Chamber of Industry and Commerce awarded the most deserving companies of the region in 2020 and the employees working in them. Baltic Champs has received three awards, and the company’s employee has won a labour star medal.

Baltic Champs, a subsidiary of the AUGA group, was awarded the highest rating in the category of innovation leaders for the development of an innovative, artificial intelligence-based robot technology for growing champignons. The aim thereof is to reduce the risks and duration of the technological process and to increase the productivity of champignon growing and the quality of the production. This is a continuous 3-year project for which the company allocates Eur 1.44 million.

The company was also included in the top three companies paying the highest average salary in the group of large companies in Šiauliai and Telšiai region. The award was based on official SODRA data for 2020, excluding executives’ salaries. Only Orlen Lietuva and ROL Lithuania outperformed the company in this category. Baltic Champs also became the first company in Lithuania to be issued an electronic certificate of origin.

“We are glad that our efforts to create innovations and pay great attention to ensuring the well-being of employees have not gone unnoticed. The innovation process is part of our strategy to help achieve our goals and create an innovative and efficient champignon business. We would not achieve our business goals without our employees, therefore it is important for us that they would feel part of the company and that their sincere work would be evaluated correctly, ”says Mr Arūnas Radzevičius, the CEO of Baltic Champs.

Mrs Inga Adomaitienė, an employee of the company, was also awarded at the awards organised by Šiauliai Chamber of Industry and Commerce. She got the Labour Star Medal. It is designed for long-term employees of companies to assess their contribution to the company’s operations. I. Adomaitienė started her career in the company in 1999 and successfully continues it until today.

Baltic Champs is one of the largest champignon growers and exporters in Europe, engaged in industrial champignon growing and trade, as well as research. The company carries out agricultural and processing activities in accordance with international ecological certification requirements and GLOBAL GAP standards of good agricultural practice. Baltic Champs belongs to the AUGA group, the largest vertically integrated organic food company in Europe.