AUGA group strengthens its position in the sales of agricultural machinery

AUGA group has been expanding its agricultural machinery sales for some time by representing foreign manufacturers such as the German companies Treffler Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG and BB-Umwelttechnik, as well as ROC S.r.l. located in Italy. The company decided to expand this business area and will now offer an even broader range of tillage and forage preparation techniques suitable for both organic and conventional farming.

The company-owned division AUGA Tech will offer its customers to purchase agricultural equipment such as cultivators, harrows, scythe mowers, and straw rakes, which have been practically tested and used on AUGA group organic farms for several years. The well-known European agricultural machinery manufacturers collaborated with a team of AUGA group engineers, agronomists, and farm managers to improve this equipment and adapt them to work in local conditions in order to achieve the best possible results in organic and conventional farming.

“Working on organic farms, it is critical for us to produce high-quality products sustainably while also working efficiently and effectively to achieve good results. To accomplish this, we have spent years testing agricultural machinery from various manufacturers in a variety of settings, including larger and smaller farms, different regions and soils, and adapting to Lithuania’s climatic conditions. As a result, we were able to find trustworthy producers whose land cultivation and forage preparation technological solutions ensure excellent performance and quality results in both organic and conventional agricultural activities. We tested them ourselves, so we can share our experience with other farmers“, said Tomas Čeponkus, Director of the Procurement Department at AUGA group.

The offered agricultural machinery is precise, manoeuvrable, and allows for soil conservation and effective weed control. Modern technological solutions help save time and ensure lower fuel consumption.

AUGA Tech will offer a wide range of services to its customers, including machinery sales, consulting, spare parts supply, and after-sales service. After purchasing agricultural equipment, customers will be trained by a team of specialists, who will provide the necessary know-how about the equipment’s capabilities and maintenance. Customers will be able to verify the efficiency of the machinery on the company’s farms, also the company is planning to open an agricultural machinery exposition centre in the near future.

“Customers will be able to visit our farms once the quarantine restrictions are lifted, where they will be able to see the capabilities of these agricultural machines in natural conditions while performing daily farm work. Meanwhile, those interested in learning more about the machinery offered by the represented manufacturers will be invited to visit AUGA Tech exposition centre in the Raseiniai District“, – explained T. Čeponkus.

The company intends to keep expanding the range of agricultural machinery it offers, as well as adding new equipment that is suitable for the region’s conditions. For more information about AUGA tech: