AUGA group readies to produce first batch of biomethane and electric tractors

In autumn 2021, the organic food producer AUGA group introduced the world’s first biomethane and electric tractor – the AUGA M1 − for professional use. This year, together with one of the strongest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the region, Rokiškis Machine Factory, the group is preparing for the production of a first batch of the tractors. AUGA group plans to start using the tractors on farms belonging to the group in the second half of 2022.

“Over the past half year, we have been actively testing prototype on our farms. For faster technology development, and to get the tractor doing real work as quickly as possible, we have enlarged our team of engineers, which has more than tripled in size during this period,” says Kęstutis Juščius, CEO of AUGA group.

He adds that active testing of the tractor is still ongoing so that the engineering team can gather as much data as possible and ensure a smooth production process for the first batch. “The recent tests have led to even more technical knowledge and improvements in the technology. Successful test results allowed us to take a new step – to start preparation of production of the first batch together with Rokiškis Machine Factory. The frames of the hybrid tractors are already now being constructed, and the components that are needed for manufacturing are already on their way to Lithuania,” says K. Juščius.

The agreement with Rokiškis Machine Factory for the contract production of the hybrid tractors was signed by AUGA group at the end of last year. The factory in Lithuania has many years of experience in the production of agricultural machinery and metal processing.

“We have the production base, capacity, and experience to implement this project. We are delighted to be involved in bringing promising new technologies to life. Innovation is essential for agricultural, since the whole world is concerned about the sector’s environmental impact and now one of the technologies that is needed is starting to be produced in Lithuania,” says Rimgaudas Kilas, CEO of Rokiškis Machinery Factory.

Biomethane and electric tractors are a first step of for AUGA group in developing sustainable technologies for the agricultural sector. The group is currently developing other technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from soil and cattle digestion processes.

It is expected that 2022 will be a year of technological breakthrough for the group. In addition to putting the hybrid tractors to work on farms, AUGA group plans this year to launch biomethane production and complete the testing of specialised feed technology. These innovative projects are part of the group’s strategy to become an AgTech company.