AUGA group is actively continuing expansion in the U.S. and Canada

AUGA group entered the world’s largest organic food market in North America two years ago, and since then it has steadily strengthened its position. From now on, AUGA’s organic products will also be sold by the well-known retail chains Stop & Shop in the United States, and Metro in Canada. AUGA group’s cooperation with the international food retail giant Costco was also extended.

“Although we entered North America two years ago, the biggest phase of expansion is taking place right now, that is why the region has become a major export destination for our end-consumer products (FMCG). North America accounts for about 50% of all global organic food market in terms of consumption. This is not only the largest, but also the most competitive market for organic products, where the strongest players in the sector operate, and general trends in the organic market are formed. We are glad that the participants of this market are choosing our products and appreciate their uniqueness,” states Laurynas Miškinis, Head of Organic Product Development and Commerce.

What distinguishes the retail chains that are now stocking AUGA’s products is their size. Stop & Shop is a well-known U.S. retail chain with 415 physical stores in the Northeastern United States, while the food retail chain Metro is currently the third largest in Canada.

AUGA group has also extended its co-operation with the international retail chain Costco which is, according to the USA business magazine Fortune, the largest chain in the world in terms of its range of organic and other products. Based on the data of AUGA group, it is currently the only Lithuanian brand in this retail chain in the U.S. and Canada.

“That AUGA has gained recognition from such retail chains shows that AUGA group’s production has the potential in global markets. This has also confirmed that we are big enough to work with the world‘s biggest clients and that we are able to ensure the supply of high-quality products on a large scale, ” notes L. Miškinis.

In spring, the company announced that AUGA’s organic products had been launched in the stores of another U.S. trade giant, the international specialized store chain Wholefoods. It has 500 points of sale in various countries. In addition, AUGA group produces organic private label products for several other U.S. retailers.

U.S. and Canadian retail chains are mainly selling soups produced by AUGA group. Since 2018, they remain AUGA’s most popular and heavily exported product in the North American market. Nevertheless, the range is constantly expanding, and currently, AUGA brand canned beans and chickpeas can also be found in U.S. stores.