AUGA group introduces a new product to its assortment - organic milk

The company, “AUGA group”, is constantly expanding its organic product line and has  introduced the first Lithuanian, long shelf life organic milk to the market.

“AUGA” organic milk is produced solely from its dairy farms. At AUGA farms, cows are fed quality, organic feed from our fields and graze in open pastures. The organic milk is packaged in innovative bottles and is available for sale in the largest retail chains in Lithuania.

“Dairy products are one of the most important foods in Lithuania and all over the world. In addition, organic milk is one of the most popular products in the organic food market. We have been selling organic milk as a commodity to clients for over six months. However, we now offer our organic milk in innovative bottles ready for end-consumers.  The organic milk market is rapidly growing, therefore, after introducing a new product to our partners, we received instant interest from food retailers and suppliers from France, United Kingdom and other countries. We anticipate that organic milk will become another successful “AUGA” product, for both export and local markets”, – says Gediminas Judzentas, manager of marketing at “AUGA group”.

“AUGA group” farms operate in strict accordance with all organic milk production standards. Cattle density in organic farms is lower compared to regular dairy farms, enabling cows much more space to move and eat.

During the warm season, cattle graze on grass in open organic pastures, while during the cool season they are fed quality, organic grain feed from “AUGA group” farms. No growth hormones and preventive vaccinations are used on the cattle.

The company produces more than 23 thousand tons of organic milk per year, with planned increases for the future.

“The milk is prepared and bottled in one of the newest and most modern facilities in the entire region. We collaborate with Polish manufacturer, “Piątnica“, whose new line allows us to reach the highest quality by maintaining the milk’s flavor and valuable nutrients while ensuring a long shelf life in innovative packaging. The factory is located near the Lithuanian border, thus making it convenient to collaborate”, – says Mr. Judzentas.

“AUGA” long shelf life milk, unopened, lasts for 6 months from the date of manufacture. After opening, the milk should be refrigerated and consumed within 5 days. The long shelf is attained by heating it for a couple of seconds at a high temperature and bottling it in a sterile setting with no exposure to the air. This method of milk treatment ensures the destruction of all harmful microorganisms.

The eye-catching packaging of “AUGA” is made from PET plastic, which is 100% recycled. This plastic does not contain any bisphenol (BPA), therefore it is safe for consumers. The packaging is solid, light and resistant to environmental impact.

The world organic market is worth approximately 9,5 billion Eur. and growing.  Milk and dairy products already make up one fifth of all organic food sales.

The fastest growing organic markets are the USA, France, United Kingdom, China and Australia. In some of these countries, organic milk consumption is increasing while traditional milk consumption is decreasing.

Milk with a long shelf life is still unusual in Lithuania, however, it is recognized and very popular in many countries around the world. In Belgium, France, Sweden, Spain and Portugal this milk makes up approximately 90% of all consumed milk.

In the west, long shelf life milk is the most popular because of the new technology which maintains the milk’s flavor, while allowing it to be stored and transported more easily.  It is more convenient for both retailers and buyers.

“AUGA group” continues to expand its product assortment for the end-consumers. This year, just before Easter, the company introduced organic eggs while last year it introduced organic poultry, rapeseed kernel oil and various grain flours.