AUGA group introduced Sustainability Report 2018

Organic producer AUGA group has published its second Sustainability Report, which discloses non-financial information on environmental, governance and social activities.

„Sustainability is an integral part of the vision and business model of the AUGA group. We seek to develop a sustainable farming system and to produce organic products in a sustainable production chain. Herewith we strive to create value and to meet expectations of our key stakeholders like shareholders, consumers, employees, and communities. The first Sustainability Report of AUGA group last year focused on who we were, what were our goals and strategic objectives. Our second Sustainability Report is about our achievements in the pursuit of our goals for 2018“, says Kęstutis Juščius, Chairman of the Board at AUGA group.

Last year company started implementing numerous environmental goals: introduced Environmental Policy, estimated cumulated CO2 emissions of group of companies for the first time, made a systemic assessment of energy and water consumption as well as waste production.

Company paid much attention to social policy and increased the number of skilled workers, improved their working conditions, revised remuneration and incentive systems.

To improve our management, we ordered the AUGA group‘s governance assessment at the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance in 2018. Upon its results, the newly elected board shall develop and approve an actual action plan in 2019.

The Sustainability Report of AUGA group is prepared in accordance with the Nasdaq ESG Reporting Guide for Nordic and Baltic listed companies.

You can read AUGA group Sustainability Report here.