AUGA group green bonds now traded on Nasdaq Baltic Bond List

Organic producer AUGA group, AB green bonds now traded on Nasdaq Baltic Bond List. This is the first fully privately-owned listed entity in the Baltic states to issue green bonds.

The demand of company’s offered bonds exceeded supply. 490 applicants applied for EUR 25 million. Total demand by retail investors was approx. 26 percent of total demand.

Investors from the Baltics formed the majority of the demand. The bond issue by AUGA group is one of the largest bond issues on the Nasdaq Baltic in terms of value and number of investors.

Maturity date is 17 December 2024, annual interest – 6 per cent. The bonds have 100% collateral coverage by the land owned and cultivated by the group companies in Lithuania.

“Nasdaq welcomes AUGA group to the Nasdaq Baltic Bond List. We see growing interest from private-sector companies to issue and list green bonds,” says Saulius Malinauskas, the President of Nasdaq Vilnius. “Results of offering up demonstrates investors’ trust in the company. We wish company success in achieving their further business goals,” he adds.