AUGA group extends it’s product assortment to include organic eggs

After the successful introduction of organic chicken at the end of last year, this spring, AUGA group extended their product assortment to include organic eggs.

Their organic eggs are produced by hens living on mobile poultry farms in meadows located in Jonava district.

„Last year we successfully raised and introduced organic chicken to the market. After that, we decided to extend the „AUGA“ product range to include organic eggs. Consumers are paying a lot of attention to the quality and taste of the eggs as well as the hens’ living conditions. By having the first modern mobile poultry farms in Lithuania, we are able to ensure excellent living conditions for the hens, resulting in high quality organic eggs“, – says Gediminas Judzentas, AUGA group’s Director of Marketing.

Every few months, the farms are transferred to another clean meadow with freshly grown grass. The hens have outdoor access with enough natural feed.

The hens also feed on organic wheat, peas, beans and various vegetables, grown in AUGA farms, which are rich in vitamins and nutrients.

The hens are grown naturally without the use of chemical substances, growth hormones, GMO feed and antibiotics. The company uses only renewable solar energy for all of their mobile farms.

In Lithuania, so far, organic eggs are uncommon, produced by only a few farms. However, the market share of organic eggs in Europe is 4.5% of the total egg market and is steadily rising.

In Germany, one of the largest organic food production markets, organic eggs sales grew by 8% in 2017. The organic eggs market share in Germany is 13,5%.

Organic AUGA eggs are available in Maxima stores.