AUGA group extends assortment – organic chicken, flour and oil are introduced to market

AUGA group currently producing organic fresh and preserved vegetables, mushrooms and soups introduces new AUGA branded organic products to market: chicken, whole grain wheat, rye and spelt flour, and cold pressed rapeseed oil.
New in Lithuania – modern organic chicken farm
“Due to high level of protein in poultry the demand of this meat is growing rapidly in Europe, as well as organic chicken. Growing chicken organically no antibiotics or growth hormones are used, and other strict requirements for organic production are observed. We can see there is organic chicken demand in Lithuania, although only few farmers are currently able to provide it, and there is no certified organic chicken in supermarkets at all.
Seeing this niche on the market and having the conditions to grow organic chicken on our certified organic land and to provide them with our own organic feed we produced the first test batch of organic chicken this year in spring. The test project was successful, so we can now offer organic chicken to the market”, – says Gediminas Judzentas, Director Marketing of AUGA group.
According to him, the first organic chicken farm in Lithuania constructed by AUGA group, raises broilers in two modern coups in a natural way without using any chemical substances. Chickens are fed with only organic feed. They have access to outside and enough space to move around, as required by the European organic regulations, and are raised for almost twice longer than conventional broilers. The coups are equipped with gradual lighting system which imitates sunrise and sunset, the recuperation system which provides fresh air and automatic electronic scales which constantly monitor the weight of birds. To ensure sustainable operations, all energy for the coups is generated only from renewable sources – the nearby solar power plant and the wind power plant.
New grain products
Together with organic chicken, AUGA assortment is also extended with organic cold pressed rapeseed kernel oil which is produced from the rapeseed grown in AUGA fields without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Different from other rapeseed oils on the market this oil is produced only from rapeseed kernels in order to ensure nutritional value and higher temperature resistance for cooking.
“Another news from AUGA – organic whole grain wheat, rye and spelt flour, produced from the grain grown in our certified organic farms in sustainable way without using chemicals. We prepare our own seeds, selecting the grain sorts with more proteins and fibers, in order the products cooked from this flour are nutritious and more beneficial for health”, – Mr. G.Judzentas lists the benefits of new AUGA products.
New organic AUGA products are already available in the retail chain MAXIMA shops.
About AUGA group
AUGA group is one of the largest vertically-integrated organic food companies in Europe. The group of companies manages approx. 33,000 ha of organically certified arable land and develops sustainable farming model, based on new technologies, specializing in crops, dairy cows, chicken and mushroom growing. Using proprietary and contracted manufacturing, the company produces a wide range of organic food products for the end consumer as well as organic commodities. The group of companies employ over 1,200 people.  AUGA group is listed on the Vilnius and Warsaw stock exchanges.