AUGA group EBITDA guidance for 2024

On December 7, 2023, AUGA group revealed the preliminary EBITDA guidance for 2024. AUGA group’s historical performance can be found here.

In Q3 2023, the AUGA group has implemented strategic changes in its operations that will have a significant impact on the future financial results. As previously announced, the AUGA group took a decision to diversify its crop growing activities and converted 1/3 of its organic land into regenerative conventional in order to address the changing market dynamics, whereby decreased organic commodity prices came as a result of lower consumer offtake and surplus of organic commodities in the market.  Such a decision will also help to adapt to climate conditions, where the winter crops in rotation are a more resilient culture.

Overall, results from agricultural operations are difficult to forecast due to uncertain weather conditions and volatile commodity prices. Given the circumstance that transformed business model of the AUGA group adds complexity in interpreting its future results even more, the AUGA group has decided to provide initial guidance for the 2024 EBITDA with the main assumptions based on which gross profit by segments and total EBITDA are forecasted. Such an initiative is aimed at more transparency and investor empowerment to be able to better understand the expected financial results.

The AUGA group estimates its full year EBITDA (derived from the formula published in AUGA group Annual Financial Statements) could reach EUR 23.3 million in 2024:

EUR, million
Crop growing gross profit 14.7
Dairy gross profit 2.0
Mushroom growing gross profit 2.2
FMCG gross profit 0.5
Biomethane gross profit 2.0
Depreciation 13.8
OPEX -12.0
Est. EBITDA 2024 23.3


The guidance has been based on the key assumptions below:

  • ​Crop growing: the AUGA group converted 15,500 ha of organic land to conventional agriculture (at the end of November, 2023 the following cultures have been planted: 6,700 ha of conventional winter wheat with estimated yield of 6.7 t/ha and MATIF price 236.25 EUR/t (September, 2024), 4,700 ha of conventional rapeseed with estimated yield of 3.5 t/ha and MATIF price of 442.75 EUR/t (August, 2024).​ In the meantime, 22,700 ha of land will stay in organic farming (at the end of November, 2023, 4,400 ha of organic winter wheat have been planted with estimated yield of 4.2 t/ha and price 260 EUR/ha).
  • Dairy: the AUGA group is planning that a number of dairy cows with the milk yield on a similar level and the total milk production will remain the same (25,500 t) with the average price of 480 EUR/t.
  • Mushroom growing: estimating that prices and yields will remain as in 2023 and costs will be managed at the same level.
  • Biomethane: based on the current price-level, the AUGA group is expected to employ 2/3 of its production capacity.
  • Planned agricultural subsidies: EUR 13.4 million.
  • Depreciation expenses are planned to remain at a similar level as previous year.
  • The OPEX has been based on the assumption of historical AUGA group’s performance with the adjustments associated with the change in cost-levels and the business model at large.



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