AUGA group continues to expand in Germany

AUGA group continues to strengthen its position in Germany, one of the largest organic food markets. The German food e-tailer Flink has begun selling the organic food producer’s products, as have LPG Biomarkt physical stores. AUGA group has also signed two new agreements on the production of organic products for private labels.

“Germany has always been one of AUGA group’s priority export markets.  It not only has one of the world’s largest organic food markets, but overall is the largest market in Europe, with 80 million inhabitants and the largest retail chains, operating not only in Germany but in other countries as well. The contracts that have been signed with new customers can become a watershed for us and repeat orders show that a circle of loyal buyers is forming in the market. Demand is growing for the products we sell and customers are expanding the range of products they buy,” says Laurynas Miškinis, Head of Organic Products R&D and Commerce at AUGA group.

The online grocer Flink, which is now selling organic products made by AUGA group, stands out for its scale. The company operates in four countries: Germany, France, Austria, and the Netherlands. Soups produced in Lithuania are currently sold in Germany, and Flink plans to also start offering them in the Netherlands in the near future.

“With AUGA group’s ready-to-use products, we give our customers a big helping hand: when they get home, they no longer have to think about what to cook, they just need to warm up the ready-made soup. These products get a lot of positive feedback not only from customers, but also from the cyclists who deliver Flink goods − the light weight of the packaged soup is especially important to them. These soups are organic and made with sustainable technologies, which reduces the environmental impact of producing them. That is the reason we want to distribute these products internationally,” says Viktoriia Plevako, a spokesperson for Flink.

LPG Biomarkt is a chain of physical stores in Berlin that sell organic products. AUGA group supplies organic soups to the network.

AUGA group’s figures show that new agreements made with German customers in 2022 have tripled sales of goods for final consumption in this market. Germany is forecast to become the group’s second-biggest export market for final goods this year, after the United States. It is hoped that the new agreements with German customers will offset slower growth in product sales in other markets. In 2021, AUGA group exported its products to 38 countries.