AUGA group made strategic decision to turn to capital markets for financing by issuing bonds

AUGA group’s Management Board decided to initiate the process of raising finance by issuing bonds, which may be sold to professional and retail investors. 

Although part of the issue may be initially privately placed, the company shall aim to have all such issued bonds listed on the Nasdaq Baltic bond market. AUGA group expects to issue at least first tranche of such bonds by the end of this year 2019.

The bonds shall be senior loan of the company, to be issued in tranches (parts), some of which may also be secured by granting mortgage over lands owned and cultivated by the group. Proceeds of the issue shall be utilised for partial repayment of the existing bank loans, working capital financing and general corporate purposes, including for ensuring continuity of the projects that the company develops to make its operations, processes and products more sustainable. Therefore, the company is seeking to have the bonds recognised as green bonds.

To date AUGA group has received consent from its current financing banks to raise up to EUR 20 million of bonds. In consideration of partial repayment of bank’s secured credits, they will release part of their current collateral, which, upon such release, shall be used by the company to secure the bonds.

“As a recently appointed independent board we see that it is in the best interests of the company and its stakeholders that the company diversifies its financing sources by tapping the capital (bond) markets. Also, we believe that the company is well placed to turn to the markets given its experience as a listed entity, as well as recent improvements in corporate governance practices and continuous efforts in increasing transparency. We hope that the markets and investors will also appreciate that”, says Dalius Misiūnas, Chairman of the company’s Management Board.

The company selected AS LHV Pank, registered in Estonia, as an advisor as well as arranger and manager for the contemplated bond issue.

The company shall be disclosing further and more detailed information about the issue upon receipt of the advisor’s guidance on the current markets and proposed structure and terms of issue.