Agrowill Group establishes Innovation and technological development unit

An ecological agriculture company Agrowill Group is establishing innovation and technological development department, which will be responsible for creation and development of technologies needed for implementation and refinement of ecological agriculture model. Professionals working in this department will develop special tools and solutions for ecological farming, implement cow and bird farm projects, carry out soil quality tests, and develop projects of biogas adaptation for sustainable ecological farming.
There are already four professionals working in this department, and it is planned to employ up to 10 scientists and engineers of different specializations. While implementing various projects the department will cooperate with educational institutions, Lithuanian and foreign research centers, as well as specialized firms.
“We started to feel the need for such department in the very beginning of implementation of our ambitious transformation project. Although the ecological agricultural technologies are evolving constantly, there are still many white spots. Therefore, we will have to solve some of the problems by ourselves. Today we know what we need, so the biggest challenge now is to assemble a right team,” says General Director of Agrowill Group Linas Bulzgys.
He says that since ecological farming highly depends on local soil and climate specifics, not all of the necessary technologies could be purchased. For this reason, one requires to have professionals who could create or adapt technologies necessary for Lithuania. Also, the model of ecological farming which is being implemented by Agrowill Group has a good few of unique elements, thus the professionals working in the company will have to create some of the technologies and processes from the very beginning.
Agrowill Group became an official distributor of German company Treffler in the Baltic countries in 2015. This company creates and produces tools necessary specifically for ecological farming.

More info:
Linas Bulzgys, CEO of Agrowill Group, AB. Phone +370 685 16 267