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AUGA news

Everything about how we develop a sustainable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly organic food production business
Media releases
2016 December 2

AUGA group, AB acquires agricultural business units of KTG AGRAR SE in Lithuania

AUGA group, AB signed the agreement regarding the acquisition of KTG AGRAR SE agricultural subsidiaries in Lithuania.

2016 September 30

AUGA: new organic food brand

On September 30, 2016 AB Agrowill Group introduced a new organic food brand AUGA

2016 September 12

The main shareholder of AB Agrowill Group – K. Juščius is increasing and consolidating his shares

2016 July 19

Audited financial results of AB Agrowill Group are better than published previously

AB Agrowill Group is convening a shareholders’ meeting where audited results for the year 2015 shall be provided for approval.

2016 May 19

Agrowill Group aims to atract EUR 20 million investment into sustainable farming development

One of the biggest organic farming entities in Europe Agrowill Group managing organic farms all over Lithuania aims to attract EUR 20 million investment into scientific research and innovations.

2016 March 29

Agrowill Group establishes Innovation and technological development unit

An ecological agriculture company Agrowill Group is establishing innovation and technological development department

2015 December 30

Agrowill Group has reached a strategic agreement with banks

AB Agrowill Group – one of the biggest companies that invest into agriculture has reached a strategic agreement with the banks DNB and Swedbank for the company long-term debt portfolio restructuring.

2015 December 22

„Ekoagros“ has completed the certification process of SC „Agrowill Group“

„Ekoagros“ is an institution which certifies organic farming and food production.

2015 December 1

During nine months of the current year, AB Agrowill Group has increased both its incomes and profit

During nine months of the current year, a group of companies AB Agrowill Group, that is implementing an organic farming model, has received 32.04 million euros of income (that is by 14.1 per cent more than during the same period last year) and earned 9.91 million euros (net profit amounted to 9.18 million euros during the same period last year).

2015 June 30

A strategic turn: Agrowill Group launches the development of a business model based on the principle of sustainable and environmentally-friendly organic agricultural production.

Agrowill Group AB, one of the largest investors in the agricultural sector in Lithuania, is launching a strategy for organic agricultural production under which all work on land controlled by the company will follow the principles of organic farming.

2016 March 1

Revenue and EBITDA of Agrowill Group climbed up in 2015

Unaudited results for year 2015 of Agrowill Group, a group of companies implementing a model of organic agricultural production, indicate that its revenue was 13% higher than in 2014 and reached EUR 47.42 million.