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For AUGA investors

The AUGA GROUP is one of the largest groups of companies in the region managing agricultural companies and implementing a sustainable, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable eco-business model. The Group’s shares are traded on the Vilnius and Warsaw stock exchanges.


Related Party Transactions

27 February 2018
On 27 February 2018 AUGA group, AB and Baltic Champs Group, UAB (code of legal entity 145798333, address Poviliškių village, Šiaulių county., Lithuania; holding 88.13 per cent of shares in AUGA group, AB) signed Agreement on extension of up to 3 mEUR loan. The loan is provided with no collateral, there is no up front or similar fees, and with fixed interest rate that meets market conditions. Due to these facts, Agreement is fair and justifiable for AUGA group, AB and its shareholders that are not party to this Agreement. Opinion of Audit Committee is available at registered office of AUGA group, AB.